Home Security Tips

Here are some suggestions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

  1. When you purchase or move to a new home, you should change or re-key the locks immediately.
  2. Always keep your front door locked.
  3. Never ignore a knock on the door.
  4. Garage doors leading directly into the house should be locked at all times, even you are in the house or backyard.
  5. Limit the size of accessible window openings. If they are being used for ventilation at night- install a securable window stop.
  6. Lock ladders to the house or fence or inside a shed or garage. Unlock ladders can be used to gain entrance through a second story window.
  7. Be sure that second floor windows are closed and locked, when you are not at home. Patio furniture can be used to gain access to upper levels of the home.
  8. Trim hedges / shrubs below the window level to eliminate hiding spots for criminals.
  9. Make sure the outsides are in good working order. Not burnt out, replace them.
  10. Engrave as identifying mark on your property. This makes it easier for police to identify and harder for criminals to sell.
  11. Keep sentimental objects/items in a place no one would suspect when not in use.
  12. Take inventory of your property. Use photos, videos and/or DVD’s. Store it in a safe place.
  13. Always keep your vehicle/s at all times, even when in the garage, so access cannot gain by intruders.
  14. Secure bicycles by obtaining the serial numbers, keep recorded in safe place, in case you needed for police to identify your property.
  15. Always keep your keys out of sight and in a location where no one can look for them.
  16. When you purchase a new tv, computer, stereo. Br sure to fold the cardboard box inside out before placing in recycling. Means your purchases won’t be advertised to anyone passing by or on the street/alley.
  17. Don’t’ allow strangers into your home. Keep your door partly open to talk, that way you can close right away for your safety.
  18. Know your neighbours.
  19. Always make sure your home looks lived in, (egg. Newspapers/flyers pick up, grass cut, snow shovelled etc.)
  20. When leaving message on your phone or answering machine Never indicate that you are not home.
  21. Never post on Social Media, that you are away, doing errands, doctor’s appt, groceries shopping etc.
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